About us

Our mission

Our mission is to shape the internal supply chain of a complex organization, whether it is in the industrial or financial sector. We do this by ensuring that our teams are challenged to reach tangible results, and most importantly, that is done without losing sight of the strategic goals and competencies of your organization in the supply chain.
In the past 30 years, we have proven that the best results are achieved, when applying a mutually understood focus by all players within the supply chain. This process involves enabling your team to understand, to internalize, and to adopt the new ways of working which we help you to achieve. Our goal is to work together with you to create a sustainable next step for your organization.

Balanced and decisive management

When you hire a temporary or interim manager you are expecting adequate solutions to short term problems. Answers to the basic questions posed during your intake. We believe a clear overview is essential for these answers. In your interest, we will create a holistic ‘helicopter view’ to make a quick and independent analysis.

Sustainable results

However, only a short, scrutinized problem analysis and a clear and implementable approach are in most cases not enough. To achieve sustainable results we will implement a balanced change process. Not only do we make the organisation aware of the necessity to change, but we also prepare and design a solution. We spur our teams into action. We thrive on pressure and challenge and get results by working closely together with your people. Pressure and challenge are necessary, however when results are achieved we celebrate and put key-players in the spotlight spontaneously. In all cases, the higher goal in the supply chain is never forgotten, and we will give the organisation tools to make sure that what was changed is “refrozen” into the organization

Hands-on management support

Red Stone Management supports your complete organization. It does not matter how big the challenges are your business is facing and how enormous the changes will be for your people. Our managers are very experienced professionals, who have the guts and the people orientation to help you succeed and overcome your challenges. Their open-minded approach to long lasting issues will guarantee a thorough analysis and solutions to match. Their ability to focus on short term results will underpin your faith in them and because of these short term results and your faith in the team, the targeted mid-term solutions will be achieved and your employees will enjoy your success and enjoy their part in it.

Functional Focus

Our areas of expertise are in Logistics, Finance, ICT, and Business. In these fields we liaise between people and processes. Red Stone Management gives you the opportunity to hire very experienced ->25 years of experience- interim and program managers. In order to come up with the results you are expecting, we are also able to deliver training & consultancy services. Our clients are large multinational industrial firms and insurance business, but also midsized companies in various different branches.

Our conditions

Red Stone Management delivers to its clients qualitative high-value services. These services are delivered bearing in mind the following prerequisites: