Program management

Program management according to Red Stone Management: approach in stages

Is your organisation facing a program crisis? If so, what do you need to do?


First, appoint a program director to separate responsibility for stakeholder management and project management and to create a single point of contact. This director will then oversee the following parallel steps:

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This first stage will enable you to get your program up and running again. The second stage concerns the normal running of a program. This includes establishing a tailor made governance structure to get your stakeholders “singing from the same hymn sheet”. It also focuses on the evaluation of projects to determine whether they are to be stopped or continued. Another key part of this stage is ensuring that the results of projects are effectively communicated and celebrated when appropriate, and that recommendations to gain benefits are carried out.  


The final stage of our involvement is not at the end of the program, but at a point where you have the right tools and experience to be able to take it over and continue to run it successfully yourself. We make sure, through training and evaluation, that you have reached this level of competence before the handover takes place. This is what we mean when we talk about a ‘sustainable next step’ and ‘sustainable value creation’.

The experience we have gained in recent years

Our clients have been happy to give us a variety of European assignments in the following fields:

Our Results

What results do you want us to make? Normally we distinguish short-term results, mid term & strategic results and temporary results. Mid term and strategical results are more often the reasons for existence of programs. Investors (e.g. roi), regulators (e.g. compliance to legislation) and senior management are deeply interested, because they are affected widely. READ MORE