Which strategies? Which processes? Which capabilities?
Measures? Measures? Measures?

What results do you want us to achieve?

  • Short Term Results or project results for program management which are closely monitored by customers, management & employees and suppliers?
  • Mid term results in the supply chain, closely monitored by management, investors (roi) and regulators (compliance)?
  • Temporary program or interim management results which are focused on coordination & innovation in the supply chain and the cooperation and cultural (inter-)change in the teams ?

Our Interim Management results

Interim Management is used to improve short-term results. Investors/stakeholders and internal regulators are mostly very heavily interested in short term results like profit & loss & compliance; their goals are fixed.

Measures that impose serious effects on personnel, processes & products & strategies are not shunned in order to improve short-term results. We are convinced that improvements such as these can only be sustained in close cooperation with customers, employees and suppliers. 

In every assignment Red Stone Management has executed in the past–- for instance the assignment with Clean Air or at Unilever- it has been absolutely clear in its description of the desired results, and guarantees a clearly described goal in all future projects. 

In the short term there is generally little discussion: in more than 10 companies fast results have been achieved –for instance, at Clean Air- we managed to turn the deficit into a (lasting) profit; we managed to motivate and hold the key-players in Holland, even though the transition to Poland and India put pressure on our knowledge and resources.  

Mid term results

For the mid term results we needed to create new business opportunities together with the stakeholders & key-players and find a new balance of overhead vs. operation. 93% of all assignments in the past 10 years have successfully met or exceeded the targeted results. Examples of return-on-investment of more than 100% within a year are quite regular, for instance through creating 25% extra revenue by means of extra German and Scandinavian Agents, or restructuring a business in the Netherlands by firing or replacing around 200 employees, or doing the same by firing or replacing over a 1000 employees at an organisation in Europe.