Is your organization facing logistic or financial challenges? Do you need a business scan and a temporary senior management to help you? Our senior managers who have faced years of challenging situations and solved them, can help you. We scan the problems and find possible solutions and change scenarios to solve these. We will give you advice on which of the scenarios is implementable based on our executive experience.

Of course, Red Stone Management is able to assist you in implementing the chosen solutions. We know that consultancy alone will not bring the solutions to your organization. Only a combination of solutions and new strategies can do that. In implementing solutions, we can create successful new scenarios or new strategies for you!

The experience we have gained in recent years

Our clients have been happy to give us a variety of assignments in the following fields:
Scans (Shell, Unilever)
Strategy formulation (5 environmental consultancy companies)
In depth functional studies (Achmea, Philips ING, IBG) on ICT, finance, logistics and business


What results do you want us to achieve? Normally we distinguish short-term results, mid term & strategic results and temporary (program) results. Our consultancy activities usually come to a mid-term & long term strategic result.