Are your employees highly motivated, but not aware of all the consequences in the supply chain initiated by their actions?

Training them groupwise improves their awareness and your financial results! People make the organization. Key to change are your employees. Employees put in the right place, and correctly motivated are able to improve internal cooperation and produce magnificent results. Red Stone managers can assist you in maximizing the output and the strengths of your most important source of improvement. Train their awareness of their effectiveness in the supply chain, and easily measurable but sustainable profits will be gained.


We offered awareness training program to five companies within the environmental consultancy sector, always accompanied by a consultation with the board. All of these companies were small business enterprises forming the heart of the sector in the Netherlands. All of these trained companies have experienced a profit growth of 15% at least and nobody involved left the company in the first year after the training program.

We also trained several groups of employees belonging to an oil company working offshore on derricks. The direct effect on profit was 5%, and considerable teambuilding was achieved: no one involved left in the first year after training, and as there was an increase in motivated compliance to Health and Safety Regulations, accidents decreased.

We can offer you a free boardroom consultation bringing to you all the training feedback and the ideas which were communicated during the training.